What’s This Then?

What’s This Then?

Here to help.

The purpose of Stereoactive Media is to help artists and producers develop, produce, and share their ideas.

Stereoactive Media launched in 2020 as a project incubator. In addition to being a record label, it offers creative and logistical consultation and, when possible, helps with production services for artists and producers working on anything from music and design to podcasts, videos, and more. Begun by J. McVay, the goal is to not only help individual artists and producers, but also to help build and foster a community of people who 1) make things and 2) support creative people. In that way, it’s meant as a continuation of the mission and spirit of previous projects like Fort Useless and StereoactiveNYC.

The intention is to run the venture with the ideals of a B corporation, balancing financial considerations with a sense of purpose.  With that in mind, any revenue not spent on administrative costs and overhead will be put directly into future projects by artists and producers Stereoactive Media works with or into building resources to make those pursuits more achievable and sustainable. Additionally, projects that can directly raise money or otherwise build support for worthy causes that benefit society or a community will be pursued regularly.

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