Jeremiah McVay

Creative Producer

// specializing in podcasts, short form video content, music, and content strategy.

Selected Works // Podcast & Video

Below are some selected podcast and video works from my portfolio. I have been directly involved in the production of hundreds of podcast episodes and I have overseen or been directly involved in the production of thousands of videos. Most of my work has to do with music, culture, or politics and tends to be of a documentary or performance nature. If you would like to see other samples, please do not hesitate to ask.

Lost Cultures: Living Legacies – from Travel + Leisure

Narrative Non-Fiction Podcast, 2023 / Dotdash Meredith

We told the stories of cultures that have been, at one time or another, at risk of disappearing. Each episode included in-depth interviews with experts and members of the communities we covered, along with original narration.

Kind of a Lot with Matt Ruby

Comedy & Social Commentary Podcast, 2023-Present / Stereoactive Media

We adapt comedic essays by comedian Matt Ruby for audio. I produce the show, chat with Matt on mic after the essays, and edit the show, introducing rich audio elements whenever possible.

The Better Buy – from Better Homes & Gardens

Lifestyle Interview Podcast, 2022-2023 / Dotdash Meredith

I produced and edited BHG's flagship podcast featuring conversation about home ownership and renovation.

Magical: The Story of MagicBell

Tech & Business Interview Podcast, 2022 (3 episodes) / MagicBell

I was hired by B2B/SaaS tech company MagicBell to help them produce three episodes of their podcast to feature interviews with two of the founders and a client.

BreakThru Radio Weekly

Arts & Culture "Magazine" Podcast, 2017-2021 (228 episodes) / BreakThru Radio

A weekly culture and politics show with feature length panel discussions, interviews, and film reviews/discussions, as well as music, commentary, and storytelling segments.


Music Interview & Review Podcast, 2016-2019 (72 episodes) / BreakThru Radio

A bi-weekly series that featured music, interviews, and info about music happening in the NYC/Brooklyn area.

The Swings

Supervising Producer / documentary/web series

Debra Simon, Vice President of Arts Brookfield, talks about an installation called The Swings: An exercise in Musical Collaboration, a giant interactive piece in which each swing, when moved, creates a sound represented by piano, harp, vibraphone or guitar.

Gemma & Mel

Supervising Producer / documentary/web series

The story of a nurse named Mel who also takes care of special needs animals and Gemma, a dog in his care who also helped him to comfort his human patients.

826NYC / Brookyln Superhero Supply Co.

Supervising Producer / documentary/web series

The story of a non-profit that helps kids to improve their writing skills with after-school programs and workshops while also offering community programming.

Gulliver’s Gate

Supervising Producer / documentary/web series

Taking up a full city block in Times Square, Gulliver’s Gate is an interactive exhibit of scale model miniatures representing recognizable structures from all around the world as a cohesive set meant to allow discovery through comparison and contrast.

Evolution of Talk

Editor / documentary

A segment from a larger 30 minute television doc I edited, about the effects of technology on communication and art.

Cody ChesnuTT

Producer/Director/Editor / live music/web series

A performance by the acclaimed rock/soul artist of his then-new song, "Bullets in the Streets and Blood," shot in a Brooklyn backyard.

Joanna Sternberg: No One Really Knows You

Supervising Producer / documentary short

An intimate look at a fascinating songwriter and creative individual at a crucial point in their career – just ahead of the release of their debut album, their first national tour, and their 28th birthday.

Red Hook After Sandy: One Year Later

Producer/Editor / documentary/web series

A year after Superstorm Sandy devastated the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, our team talked to people there as a follow-up to an episode we'd done there in the immediate aftermath of the disaster.

part of a weekly web series that was produced on an incredibly fast turnaround – about 3 days each from start to finish

After the Zimmerman Verdict

Producer/Editor / documentary/web series

Immediately after George Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin, one of our correspondents went to a rally in NYC; not having access to our cameras that day, she used her iPhone and a lower grade DSLR to document it and get public reactions.

part of a weekly web series that was produced on an incredibly fast turnaround – about 3 days each from start to finish

Craig EvanHalen

Producer/Director/Editor / comedy/web series

A mockumentary-style episode of the Spit Take Comedy series, featuring an interview with alt-comedian Brett Davis’ alter-ego, punk rocker Craig Evanhalen.


Producer/Director/Editor / live music/web series

Then freshly up-and-coming indie band Metz performed in the Serious Business studio and spoke with Travis Harrison while in NYC for the CMJ Music Marathon.


Producer/Director/Editor / live music/web series

The Brooklyn jangle-pop band performed live at the Serious Business studio for this weekly music show.

Cuckoo Chaos

Producer/Director/Editor / live music/web series

The San Diego indie rock band performed “Super Skeleton” for this twice-weekly music show while in NYC for the CMJ Music Marathon.

“Laura V.” by The Meaning of Life

Producer/Co-Director/Editor / music video

The band had a series of disparate visual vignettes they wanted to include and I worked with them to develop a narrative to tie them together, while retaining the abstract/surreal vibe they hoped to achieve.


Editor / ad/teaser

A teaser clip produced in advance of the release of Ilithios’ debut album, ‘Florist.’

‘The One And Only’

Editor / ad/teaser

A teaser clip produced in advance of the release of a pair of singles by Allison Langerak and Graham Brice.