Jeremiah McVay

Creative Media Producer

// specializing in short form video content, podcasts, music, and content strategy.


I spent a decade rebuilding a podcast, video, and editorial platform from the ground up and inside out. Before that I ran an independent music and arts venue in New York City while freelancing in various film, television, and media jobs – both production and post-production. More recently, I've been working as a contractor on various podcast and video projects while also running a project incubator that I founded to help artists and producers make and release their work.

If it's made up of frames, pixels, waves, tracks, bits, or bytes, I know how to do it or can figure it out quickly. If it involves complex scheduling, budgeting, editing, or distribution, I can handle it. If there's a team involved, I can collaborate, manage, or both – or if there is no team yet, I can assemble or train one. If it involves music, culture, or politics, I understand it or can get up to speed and cover it.

You can view more details on LinkedIn. You can also view my full list of credits  or some of my design work.

Selected Works // Podcast & Video

Below are some selected podcast and video works from my portfolio. I have been directly involved in the production of hundreds of podcast episodes and I have overseen or been directly involved in the production of thousands of videos. Most of my work has to do with music, culture, or politics and tends to be of a documentary or performance nature. If you would like to see other samples, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind of a Lot with Matt Ruby

Producer/Editor / Podcast, 2023-Present / Stereoactive Media

We adapt comedic essays by comedian Matt Ruby for audio. I produce the show, chat with Matt on mic after the essays, and edit the show, introducing rich audio elements whenever possible.

Magical: The Story of MagicBell

Producer/Editor/Host / Podcast, 2022 (3 episodes) / MagicBell

I was hired by B2B/SaaS tech company MagicBell to help them produce three episodes of their podcast to feature interviews with two of the founders and a client.

BreakThru Radio Weekly

Producer/Editor/Host / Podcast, 2017-2021 (228 episodes) / BreakThru Radio

A weekly culture and politics show with feature length panel discussions, interviews, and film reviews/discussions, as well as music, commentary, and storytelling segments.


Producer/Editor/Host / Podcast, 2016-2019 (72 episodes) / BreakThru Radio

A bi-weekly series that featured music, interviews, and info about music happening in the NYC/Brooklyn area.

The Swings

Supervising Producer / documentary/web series

Debra Simon, Vice President of Arts Brookfield, talks about an installation called The Swings: An exercise in Musical Collaboration, a giant interactive piece in which each swing, when moved, creates a sound represented by piano, harp, vibraphone or guitar.

Gemma & Mel

Supervising Producer / documentary/web series

The story of a nurse named Mel who also takes care of special needs animals and Gemma, a dog in his care who also helped him to comfort his human patients.

826NYC / Brookyln Superhero Supply Co.

Supervising Producer / documentary/web series

The story of a non-profit that helps kids to improve their writing skills with after-school programs and workshops while also offering community programming.

Gulliver’s Gate

Supervising Producer / documentary/web series

Taking up a full city block in Times Square, Gulliver’s Gate is an interactive exhibit of scale model miniatures representing recognizable structures from all around the world as a cohesive set meant to allow discovery through comparison and contrast.

Evolution of Talk

Editor / documentary

A segment from a larger 30 minute television doc I edited, about the effects of technology on communication and art.

Cody ChesnuTT

Producer/Director/Editor / live music/web series

A performance by the acclaimed rock/soul artist of his then-new song, "Bullets in the Streets and Blood," shot in a Brooklyn backyard.

Joanna Sternberg: No One Really Knows You

Supervising Producer / documentary short

An intimate look at a fascinating songwriter and creative individual at a crucial point in their career – just ahead of the release of their debut album, their first national tour, and their 28th birthday.

Red Hook After Sandy: One Year Later

Producer/Editor / documentary/web series

A year after Superstorm Sandy devastated the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, our team talked to people there as a follow-up to an episode we'd done there in the immediate aftermath of the disaster.

part of a weekly web series that was produced on an incredibly fast turnaround – about 3 days each from start to finish

After the Zimmerman Verdict

Producer/Editor / documentary/web series

Immediately after George Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin, one of our correspondents went to a rally in NYC; not having access to our cameras that day, she used her iPhone and a lower grade DSLR to document it and get public reactions.

part of a weekly web series that was produced on an incredibly fast turnaround – about 3 days each from start to finish

Craig EvanHalen

Producer/Director/Editor / comedy/web series

A mockumentary-style episode of the Spit Take Comedy series, featuring an interview with alt-comedian Brett Davis’ alter-ego, punk rocker Craig Evanhalen.


Producer/Director/Editor / live music/web series

Then freshly up-and-coming indie band Metz performed in the Serious Business studio and spoke with Travis Harrison while in NYC for the CMJ Music Marathon.


Producer/Director/Editor / live music/web series

The Brooklyn jangle-pop band performed live at the Serious Business studio for this weekly music show.

Cuckoo Chaos

Producer/Director/Editor / live music/web series

The San Diego indie rock band performed “Super Skeleton” for this twice-weekly music show while in NYC for the CMJ Music Marathon.

“Laura V.” by The Meaning of Life

Producer/Co-Director/Editor / music video

The band had a series of disparate visual vignettes they wanted to include and I worked with them to develop a narrative to tie them together, while retaining the abstract/surreal vibe they hoped to achieve.


Editor / ad/teaser

A teaser clip produced in advance of the release of Ilithios’ debut album, ‘Florist.’

‘The One And Only’

Editor / ad/teaser

A teaser clip produced in advance of the release of a pair of singles by Allison Langerak and Graham Brice.