Stereoactive Presents: ‘Monkey Man’ // a movie review

Dev Patel co-writers, co-producers, and stars in his directorial debut, an action/revenge story set in India.

Dev Patel in 'Monkey Man'
Dev Patel in 'Monkey Man'

Trying something new... Shot and recorded specifically for video, here is Jeremiah's review of Dev Patel's debut as a director, Monkey Man, distributed by Universal Pictures.

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The backstory of Dev Patel’s directorial debut, Monkey Man, is nearly as compelling as the film itself. The film was first announced back in 2018 and was set to begin production in early 2020, though it had to be postponed once the COVID-19 pandemic shut the world down.

By March of the following year, filming was complete and Netflix acquired it. But the subject matter apparently made them squeamish and they nearly canceled its release. Eventually, though, Jordan Peele saw the film and convinced Universal Pictures to buy it and give it a theatrical run.

For that, we’re lucky.

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