Stereoactive Movie Club Ep 4 // Citizen Kane

Directed by Orson Welles, 1941's 'Citizen Kane' has long been considered one of the best (and often *the* best) film of all time.

Stereoactive Movie Club Ep 4 // Citizen Kane
Stereoactive Movie Club Round One (Lora's Pick)
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It’s Lora’s pick… ‘Citizen Kane,’ the 1941 debut film by Orson Welles. Often referred to as the greatest film ever made, it’s possibly Welles’ greatest achievement, but the controversy surrounding it (mainly stirred up by William Randolph Hearst, the main target of the film’s narrative) also led to his quick fall from grace. The film has appeared on every single one of Sight & Sound magazine’s decennial polls of the “greatest films,” debuting as a runner up in 1952, then sitting at #1 for the next 50 years, before eventually dropping to #2 on both the 2012 polls of critics and directors.

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